Food: How to: Garden Salad

How to prepare a very simple Vegan Tortilla and Garden Salad

Ingredients: (in no particular order)

Salad Vegetables
Mandarin Oranges
Button Mushrooms
Bragg’s Berry Vinaigrette
Bragg’s Liquid Aminos
White Onions
Fresh Basil

For the Garden Salad:

(just mixed together)
Salad Vegetables
Chopped Carrots
Fine Chopped Cilantro leaves
Chopped Celery
Fresh Basil
Mandarin Oranges

For the Mushroom Toppings:

1. Heat the pan and put some Olive Oil.
2. Put in white onions and wait for it to caramelised
3. Put in the button mushrooms (remember this should be in high heat)
4. Sautee’ it until the mushrooms is almost crispy, just make sure that the onions are just brown as my color. 🙂
5. After that put the chopped cilantro, parsley and celery. Put a generous amount of it, Be free.  🙂
6. Put the basil for added aroma and also added anti-oxidant to put the bad virus away from you.

Finished Product: Garden Salad: Vegetables Overload, Carrots, Parsley, Fresh Basil, Cilantro, Celery Leaves, Mandarin Oranges Mushrooms and Bragg’s Berry Vinaigrette 

Ingredients are all organic.
Let’s be all healthy by eatingright.



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