Travel: Baguio CIty 2014

Holy Week 2014
Baguio City, Benguet
Happy Easter Everyone!
When boredom and loneliness strike, you get to think of crazy things, like an impromptu summer getaway to Baguio City. I didn’t plan anything and yet It was one of the best vacation I had so far. On this trip I got to experience a lot of “firsts”. I got to experience living in a Hostel Dormitory, Tried Tree Top Adventure without any of my friends and eating alone on the whole duration of the trip. The “Steven Glansberg” type is lonely I tell you. To some it’s enjoyable but for me It was “forever alone” meme waiting to happen. The real reason why I went to Baguio City is really to reflect on the things that happened in the past. I am glad that I was able to make amends with it.
I stayed in Upstairs Bed and Bath, It’s located:
Address: Leonard Wood Rd, Baguio 2600, Philippines
Phone:+63 74 446 4687
The First 2 Photos are taken from google images
This is during the stop-over in Tarlac

First order of Business, Hear Mass.

Our Lady of Atonement.

I am so happy with this shot, The sky is so blue and it really complemented the pastel color of the church.

Mandatory whenever you’re in Baguio. The Strawberry Taho. Delicious!

Art Deco in Session Road

Another Art Deco in Some Ruined Building Across Mc Donalds in Session Road

Burnham Park of Course

Surprisingly, Baguio is not packed with people. This boat is usually full of “canoodling people”.

The Welcome Sign

The Burnham Lake

The Tall weird looking tree

Sunflower on a Macro Perspective

First Breakfast of the day, A must try whenever you are in Baguio
The HillStation in Casa Vallejo
It’s near SM Baguio

Preservatives, According to the blogs I’ve read this is a must try. I wasn’t able to buy because
I am living in a Dormitory, I’m scared to loose it.

Stairs going to Casa Vallejo Hotel

Wines and Tea Pots

Some beautiful photographs hanging on the wall

Pastries and Cakes

The Buffet Room

Pinoy Breakfast consist of Native Longganisa, Brown Rice, Atsara, 2 Sunny Side up.
It’s delicious but when you tried the authentic Vigan Longganisa everything else
would just be so-so. 

This is Le Monet facade

Camp John Hay

The Bell House

I wasn’t able to really explore the place because there is a wedding happening that day

Another Shot of the Kitchen. The photo did’t give justice because this house
is very detailed. From the Hardwood Floors to the wallpaper, It’s amazing that this house is over 100 years.

Shot of the Living Room

Old Photographs

Here we go, You didn’t go to Baguio if you don’t have a photo of the flowers.
Another Macro shots perspective

This is below the Bell House, I stayed here for a solid of 1 hour just thinking. 

So, I tried Tree Top Adventure. I am so sorry that there are no photos because
again I am alone and the official photos are very very expensive. P250 pesos for 4×4 Photo. 
In my opinion it’s a rip off.
But the experience is fun. 
I choose
Package E 

Includes Superman Ride, Silver Surfer,
Tree Drop Adventure and Skywalk
Rate: PhP 650/person 

For more införmation and Photos
Click the below link:
 Tree Drop is the scariest but exhilarating experience. You need to try it.

View from the Skywalk Deck

My walking path (Skywalk)

The View

The Manor

The Hotel 
After the Tree Top Adventure and the non stop Up hill and down hill walk. I was so
Hungry but ordered Clam Chowder only because I was so tired of walking and 
I felt nauseated.
Photo below is from Mile Hi Diner

Bistro by Hillstation’s Version of a Salad
After the Merienda, It rained, so my plans on going to
Mines View Park, Wright Park and Ben Cab Museum was cancelled. So I decided to 
go the Hostel to take a shower and rest for a while.

Then Evening Hits: I decided to eat in Sizzling Plate. This is the most expensive 
dinner in my whole trip, and I did not enjoy the food.

The “Mushroom” Soup. Bleh! 

Porterhouse, The meat turned to be hard like rubber. Not “Pustiso” friendly.

Java Rice

After my disappointing dinner, I came across this place. It’s Barbershop, Massage and Store in One.

Pili ka lang ng Number kung ano yung gusto mong gupit.
 Below this Photo is the Famous Ukay-Ukay, That starts 9pm every night until 12 Midnight

The clothes ranges from 10 pesos to 150 pesos. Some are branded clothes.

Last Breakfast before heading back to Manila
The View heading back to Manila

Another Shot

My take-aways
– Supposed to eat in OH MY GULAY! but the Store is close whenever I want to eat.
– Going back to see BenCab Museum
– Take a lot of photos

Thank you


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