Travel: Bangkok, Thailand 2016

It is my first time to be in Bangkok and I was blown away. The city is so modern and everything is just minutes walk away from your favourite street food. It’s a community of juxtaposition where in traditional goes hand in hand with some of the grandiose architecture.

I stayed in Bed Station Hostel in Ratchathewi, The hostel is 2 minutes away from the BTS Ratchathewi Station. One of the best budget hostel that I’ve stayed in. It’s clean, well maintained, the airconditioned is topnotch and at the same time its economical. The Atmosphere of this place is really good because you get to meet a lot of fellow travelers, who knows you might find a friend for keeps there.

When you are in Bangkok, You have to visit the Temples. It is a must. Places to visit are Wat Phra, Wat Arun, Wat Saket and the magnificent Wat Pho (Reclining Buddha).

Maybe the lady on the right is thinking what a weirdo am I.

Visit also the Coffee Community in Bangkok , they are so many you will find them in every corner. My personal favorites are Brocolli Revolution, Hands and Heart and Rocket Coffee Bar S12. They are so serious about coffee that have a lot of themes per cafe, surely you will never ran out of cafe’s to visit.


Every Bangkok exploration is not complete without filling in your tummy with good and affordable food. You can find street food almost anywhere in the city. Must try is Mango Sticky Rice, Authentic Pad Thai, those little fried eggs (to die for) and the absolutely delicious Thai Milk tea. If you are feeling a little bit luxurious you might want to try  no. 1 Best Restaurant in the world Gaggan. Whatever you like you eat Bangkok has something to offer.


P.S. My apologies if I wasn’t able to update my blog for a very long time, you see one of my new year resolutions is to update this blog on a regular basis.

I hope you enjoy the photos and please do comment below on any suggestions that you might want to share with me or things you want to see in this blog.

Thank you very much and I missed you all

Taken using Fujifilm x100s

Love, Mackario














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