I just want to be alone for a moment.
I want to be in line with my emotions.
I want to say to myself it’s okay.
It’s okay be scared.
It’s okay that you don’t have a plan.
It’s okay if you fail.

I’d like to associate myself with the people who plans everything and I am also one of the people who gets easily irritated when a perfectly laid out plan gets awry. I am sensitive like that and I will not apologised for it.

Decisions are always hard when it involves you and it involves your life. People are designed to stay where its comfortable and warm. We considered change as a negative by default. We don’t look at the future benefits of the change or we are just simply jaded.

A big sigh. What is it with people and comfort zone?
Why is it so hard to let go of something that will give comfort versus to the ones that will make you happy. When you logically think about it you will always choose happiness. Why is it so hard to choose then?

I myself have the same question……


Journal: The Season of Separate Ways



Ghost month is all to blame……

It is so scary to hear the news that a lot of couples I know are breaking up and some of them are close to me.

This is the reason why I decided to shed some light on this topic because I feel that some people are so easy to let go of the relationship that they build for years. I really understand how it is, maybe the spark dies and couple gets too much comfortable. Doing extra special things becomes an ancient deed. It becomes Prosaic. Boring. Monotonous cycle. It doesn’t have to be like that or maybe I am just hopeless romantic that all I can see is sunshine and rainbows. Maybe I am too positive?? I don’t know.

I am not an expert in relationship nor I have too many relationship under my belt, but one thing I do know is how to love unconditionally. We all have experienced “agape” towards our family and our special ones. It is something so sacred and special. When you own something that important the tendency is you will take care of it with all your heart and all your might. No amount of hardship will make you falter, and with all of that in mind, why are there a lot of failed relationships? Why people enter a relationship that they know that it wont work. Is it a trial and error?

Humans are deeply curious, it’s innate to our genetic. It is a mystery. New things make us excited. It gives as a sense of deep pleasure. So it’s easy to say that if someone else gives you special attention, made you feel extra special that you haven’t felt for a long time, our proclivity is to go in that direction and look for it and that is the problem with us. We are so high that we already forgot the one person you once swore was the most important in your life. The one person you felt unconditional love. The person who loved you at your worst, who stuck with you through all the hardships, who knows you better than yourself and prioritises you than anyone.

It is so simple to let go. It is so so simple to restart but always remember why you love her/him in the first place.


Chiang Mai, Thailand 2016

Photography, Travel, Visual

Welcome to the country side where its quaint and far from the bustling city of Bangkok. The city is in the north side of Thailand. It is mountainous in geography and refer as the creative capital of country. There’s more to Thailand’s second city than its glittering golden temples. A burgeoning population of digital nomads is transforming the place into a hipster heaven.

If you are looking for a place where in your creative juices would flow like the Chao Phraya River, This is the place. You will find some cheap rentals and instagrammable places easily.

This is Ang Kaew Reservoir at Chiang Mai University.

FOOD. This is the main reason why I visited Thailand. Thai Food is known in the world to be one of the best and delicious culinary cuisine.

Don’t miss the Night Bazaar Market in the Old City Wall.The Night Bazaar is approximately 1km long on Thanon Chang Khlan (large roads in Thailand are named Thanon, and smaller side streets are named Soi) (so Thanon Chang Khlan translates to Chang Khlan Road(

So prepare your bargaining skills because you will need it.

The main temples and markets all lie within the old city walls, This an area of one square mile. You’ll probably want to sleep outside of it, though – its streets are multitude with tuk-tuks, backpackers on motorbikes and cheap massage joints. Chiang Mai, once the capital of the ancient kingdom of Lanna, runs on tuk-tuks and you can get almost anywhere in the back of one

The view from sacred Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, This Chiang Mai’s main temple, is the city’s most popular panorama. You have to climb 309 stairs up the Naga Serpent Staircase to see it. This is quite an experience. Make your way past orange-draped monks, golden spires and shrines to the far side of the wat for a view over Chiang Mai and the lush mountains beyond. You can either take a taxi, tuktuk or motorcycle.

The Long Neck Village is one memory that is etched in my mind forever, I have dreamt of seeing them in person since the first time I saw them on National Geographic Channel and I really can’t believe it that I was able to see, interact and even hug them. It was truly a magical experience.

I also went on a Elephant Safari which is really cool, one of the highlights of my trip. It was so fun watching them. I highly suggest to see it and experience feeding them. One thing though, they are animals and they get tired too, so please do not ride on them, the staff will let you experience it but just say no. The least thing the we can do to help is to feed and play with them.

Nimmanhaemin Road (8), This epicentre of hipster Chiang Mai, Locals call in “Nimman” It’s a kilometre-long road where in you can witness some of the best tasting coffee in South East Asia where espresso-fuelled digital nomads have made their home.

Here are some of my favorite coffee shops.


BulBul Cafe,


Graph Cafe

Over-all I really enjoyed my stay in Chiang Mai. Thank you to my friend Bank for touring me around the city and for letting me stay in your house. I really appreciate the kind gesture. He is really talented too, you can visit his Blog and Instagram. Follow him.

If you want packages tour, you may visit the old city wall where in you can see heaps of travel tours that will suit to your liking. One reminder though is be ready to bargain as the prices varies. I hope you enjoy this photo tour of the city and will help you decide to visit Chiang Mai.

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All Photos© – Mackario